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Saturday, September 19 • 4:00pm - 5:00pm

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Featuring videos that involve physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.

RNAtheMessanger "Mechanical Hounds" Directed by: Diego Lozano
Quiet Company "The Emasculated Man" Directed by: Justin Kirchhoff
Good Field "Business" Directed by Zachary Scott
Max Frost "Nice & Slow" Directed by: Jordan Haro
Charlie Pierce and Choctaw Wildfire "Have I Said Enough" Directed by: Laura Belle
Riverboat Gamblers "Heart Conditions" Directed by: Justin Wilson
Ben Cina "My Last Confession" Directed by: CJ Vinson
Young Tongue "Heavy Metal Thunder" Directed by: James Goulden and Rob Russell
Anabelle Chairlegs "Axe Me If I Care" Directed by: Federico Moreno, Vanessa Pla
Sugar Ray Dogs "Mexi-Cola" Directed by: Teresa Jolie

RNAtheMessenger "Mechanical Hounds" Directed by: Diego Lozano
The idea for Mechanical hounds stems from a nightmare that hip-hop artist RNAtheMESSENGER had. In the beginning, landing a concise version of what the artist wanted to express was a bit complicated; his ideas were both ambitious and abstract.
RNAtheMESSENGER was heavily involved in the creation of the story; It was extremely important to me to remain true to his ideas while making sure that they were executed in a way that coincided with my own filmmaking style. We wrote the story in a way that anybody could follow, while still paying close attention into crafting layers of meaning that could be incrusted within. The scene in the beginning where they are consuming drugs was purposefully abysmal and contained no interaction within the characters to invite the audience to reflect on the effect that this particular lifestyle has on young consumers. On the performances: It was extremely important to me that the the actors reacted as realistically as they could to the situations that were presented to them. It was very invigorating to push them to their limit. It was funny because one of the actors was having a very hard time reaching the emotion that was needed for a scene. The problem was fixed by secretly asking the whole crew to scream at him so that he could receive their energy and utilize it to propel his emotion. It worked out fantastic. For Uncle Sam's performance I found inspiration in Heath Ledger's performance of the Joker. For Columbia's character ( the girl ) I found visual inspiration in Lady Gaga's cover of her song "Applause". Cinematography is extremely important on this video. I worked with my good friend and filmmaker Yusgunawan Marto. When we discussed the project, I wanted the make sure that the video was shot in a way that was closer to a short film than a music video so that It could be easier for the audience to follow the story. The colors of the light were also meticulously selected so that they would be meaningful to each particular character and the universe they inhabit. We shot the video with very small crew of about 8 people. We all worked passionately for 26 hrs to shoot the the entire video over a span of 2 days. Working on Mechanical Hounds was a fantastic experience for various reasons including: The challenge that it meant to shoot such an abstract idea, RNA'S commitment to the project that propelled me to do my best at all times and the fact that it was secretly the kind of story that I had been waiting to tell.

Quiet Company "The Emasculated Man" Directed by: Justin Kirchhoff
This is the 1st video from Quiet Company's album "A Dead Man On My Back: Shine Honesty Revisited" Directed by Justin Kirchhoff of Digital Shakedown

Good Field "Business" Directed by Zachary Scott
Two thugs rob a mansion!

Max Frost "Nice & Slow" Directed by: Jordan Haro
A man finds himself in over his head, with blood on his hands, and left with no one else to turn to other than Max Frost.

Charlie Pierece and Choctaw Wilfire "Have I Said enough" Directed by Laura Walgreen
When I first heard Charlie play, it was in the basement of a party happening in Austin, TX. The violent way Charlie played the piano kept making me think that it would catch fire at any moment. After that, I couldn't shake the idea of filming Charlie playing a piano on fire. I didn't know Charlie at the time, but called him up and told him I wanted to set him on fire. He was game for the idea as well as Nathan Legacy, our SPFX coordinator. We shot the video in one day, in a small studio space. Our DP, Barry Andersson flew out from Minneapolis with all of his equipment and I was lucky enough to have Michelle Millette as A.D. To keep things moving along. Between the fogger and actual smoke from the fire, we all had a hard time breathing the next day but it was totally worth it. 

Riverboat Gamblers "Heart Conditions" Directed by: Justin Wilson
This is the sequel & prequel to Blue Ghosts. Stuck in an infinite loop, Mike and the boys repeatedly scatter amongst a ghost town looking for reprieve. 

Ben Cina "My Last Confession" Directed by: CJ Vinson
I've seen a lot of music videos where someone dies, but I don't think I've ever seen a video where the lead singer is dead through the entire video. That kept going through my head when I was concepting the idea for "My Last Confession". Is this too high concept for a small budget shoot? Is it going to come across with the morbid dark anxiety that I'm seeing in my head, or is it just going to feel like "Weekend at Bernie's"?

I pitched the idea to Ben, KJ Hines and their team expecting them to tell me the concept wouldn't work, but after listening to the song with them and explaining the idea, they agreed that the concept was spot on and they put their trust in me to pull it off. I was both excited and horrified that we were going to attempt this concept.

We were able to build a crew of incredibly talented individuals (including DP Andrew Baird and AD/Editor Drew Lewis) who were instrumental in making this concept look and feel legit. In addition, Wayne Dalchau was able to lock down some incredible locations and assist with some of the props that really helped bring this world to life. The last addition that really helped us pull the video off was lead actress Vicky Illk. Vicky can nail emotional scenes better than just about anyone I've seen and her performance didn't just come across well on camera, but it also helped set the mood for the entire shoot. 

The shoot itself was brutal. Ben spent most of the day wrapped in blankets and duck tape getting dragged through the woods and we made KJ actually dig most of the grave for the final scene. We wanted to convey the brutality of the story by actually making everyone participate in the actions of the story. I'm pretty sure KJ wanted to throw a rock at me for half the day, but in the end his gritty performance along with Ben and Vicky's is what made this concept shine. 

Young Tongue "Heavy Metal Thunder" Directed by: James Goulden and Rob Russell
Music video for Young Tongue's "Heavy Metal Thunder"

Anabelle Chairlegs "Axe Me If I Care" Directed by: Federico Moreno, Vanessa Pla
A music video shot for the band Annabelle Chairlegs. Lindsey Mackin is out to destroy an old version of herself.

Sugar Ray Dogs "Mexi-Cola" Directed by: Teresa Jolie

Mexi-Cola is set in a Mexican bordello where one man discovers the bitter truth about temptation & the consequences of eating forbidden fruit. Written and directed by Latin-American director Teresa Jolie, the story was inspired by Mexican folklore, superstition, & literary tragedy.

Paolo Pagetti of Rivertale Productions & producer of Italian band Sugar Ray Dogs always had a love for Texan & Mexican culture and aspired to shoot a music video for one of their songs in Austin, TX using Tex-Mex references in their video. Teaming up with Texas natives, Patricia Vonne, Rick Del Castillo, & Teresa Jolie, they came up with a plan to shoot their upcoming music video "Mexi-Cola" in Texas while on tour. The video included a notable cast, including Billy Blair (Machete, Sin City, Last Man Standing), Patricia Vonne (Sin City, Machete, Spy Kids), Alex Ruiz (Chingon, Dusk Till Dawn), & Lola Laymon (Sin City, Entertainment Austin).

Fun facts: 
The loteria cards used by the gypsy man looked too new for the video, so director Teresa Jolie aged the cards by using coffee grounds, tea, and singeing the corners of the cards with matches the night before the shoot.

Zoo Keeper Exotic Pets off Research Blvd. loaned their training tarantula to us for the video. Tarantula wrangler Carlos San Miguel endearingly named the spider "Pedro Parker" and used a straw to blow air at the spiders abdomen in order to guide the spider's movements. 

Kingsnake.com owner Jeff Barringer, friend of the director loaned his milk snakes for the music video since they most closely resemble venomous Texas coral snakes which would be used as a metaphor for Eve's temptation & betrayal in the video. Barringer considered bringing a live rattle snake to add to the Texas-vibe, but due to safety issues the director decided milk snakes would suffice. 

Filmed at The Blackheart on Rainey Street, our crew had less than 10 hours to film this video and be out by 6pm when the venue was scheduled to have live acts perform. 

This video was the beginning of a friendship between Italian producer Paolo Pagetti & Teresa Jolie, who months later directed a music v...

Saturday September 19, 2015 4:00pm - 5:00pm CDT
The North Door 502 Brushy St, Austin, TX 78702

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